My Travel Companion- On the Go Mineral Powder

Packing can be a real struggle when travelling. There is always a limit on what you can take and you have to start making some tough decisions on which products that will have to miss out. I feel like every product that I use as my daily routine is “important” to me. Two of these products are foundation and sunscreen. When I was packing for my travels to Asia I knew that I had be strategic in which foundation to carry. I couldn’t have something that was too heavy on the skin due to the humidity in the countries that I would be in. And I also needed to have really good sunscreen to help protect my skin when I was out in the harsh sun.


On the Go Mineral Powder from AU Natural answered both of my needs. It was a really good replacement for my liquid foundation that I used on a daily basis combined with a broad spectrum SPF 25. The small bottle with a retractable brush was the perfect travelling tool for my make up bag.

On the Go Mineral Powder uses natural sun-block ingredients and is oil free and non-comedogenic hence it does not clog pores. The mineral powder also helps to absorb excess oil from the skin reducing redness of the skin. With the product also being paragon dye and fragrance free, your skin continues to feel fresh throughout the day.


I have been using this product through out my trip and it’s worked wonders, especially with the climate changes, humidity and dust that I am travelling in. I have actually been keeping this product in my handbag and re-applying it during the day. Even with the re-application, I haven’t noticed any closed pores and haven’t had any breakouts due to use of powder with the harsh weather. The product can also used as a full coverage foundation or re-applied on top of normal liquid foundation for an extra layer of sun protection.


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