AU Natural Eye Serum and Dr AU Anti Ageing Oil

I am continuously looking for ways to make the appearance of my skin better and better. I definitely feel like you can never have “too much glow”. AU Natural’s Super fruit Eye Serum and Anti Ageing Face Oil are the perfect addition to your morning and night routine to ensure you get that glow.


Eye Serum

A lot of us don’t really give eye serums an importance in our beauty regime and end up only focusing on other areas of our skin. One of the main causes of fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area is dehydration. A face moisturiser cannot be used as a substitute for an eye serum as it is too thick for the skin around the eye to absorb product, therefore a waste. Serums are a much high concentration but a thinner consistency so the soft skin around the eye can absorb this. Keeping the area around your eyes hydrated will mean your are fighting against fine lines, wrinkles and dark under eye spots.

AU Natural’s Super Fruit Eye Serum contains active ingredients such as, New Zealand Avocado Oil ( rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, Vitamins A, D & E, potassium and lecithin, which are primary skin feeding nutrients), 9 berry extracts (such as acai, bilberry, strawberry, black mulberry and many other berries that provide health for the skin) and Ribrose ( a sugar that occurs in all living cells accelerating cell energy recovery and overall function- helping fight towards ageing). These products sink into the dermal layer helping to plump skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


Anti Ageing Face Oil

Suffering from acne and an oily skin tone, the idea of a “face oil” always terrified me. I became under the false understanding that face oils clog pores and promote acne. Its actually on the contrary. A good face oil will help the hydration of your skin which in turn will stop your skin from producing excess oil to try and hydrate itself.

AU Natural’s Anti Ageing Face Oil contains Harakeke seed oil and Retinol which helps minimise the signs of ageing, plump skin, leaving back no oil residue and hydrating skin which then stops skin from producing extra sebum. Key ingredients in this product are New Zealand Harakeke seed oil which is pack with linoleum acid ( boosting skin’s barrier layer and helping to seal in natural moisture), the seeds are rich in Omega 3, Omega 6 and essential fatty acids that can regulate cell function. The second ingredient is Moringa Oil, which has antibacterial and moisturising properties which helps strengthen skin and help is protect again the environment and allergen substances. The final key ingredient is Lakesis, which is derived from resin produced in ancient trees in Greece, this increases the synthesis of to youth proteins and reactivates the detoxifying process of the skin. This product works in perfect harmony with the other AU Natural product range and can be used by the whole family, drops can even be used for removal of stretch marks.



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