Bohemian French Braid Twisted Bun

I recorded this hair tutorial about a year ago and have finally managed to upload it onto my blog. Its a messy braided bun look where you start with one bohemian braid on one side of your head and keep adding to it as you go around and collecting all your hair. Then once all the hair is braided up, loosen the braid up and then pin up the braid into a bun.    

How to – Soft beach waves

You know those days when you have that perfect wavy hair and it makes life that much sweeter? Yes, I do too. And below I have compiled a short instruction how to achieve this very easy look! WHAT YOU NEED STEP 1 The most important step for this look is to have “gritty” hair. You need some matter in your hair to actually make the waves stay in. I’ve got quite dry and silky hair so in order to get this look, I hadn’t washed my hair for four days ( gross, I know..).┬áSome people like to spray their hair…