Auckland based fashion blogger with Indian heritage, Sujata Singh, is the creative soul and face of Petite Perspectives.

With her strong passion for creativity, art and fashion, Sujata is able to inspire petite women on how to love their body and who they are. Sujata dedicates her time to creating and directing photo shoots, flat lays and compositions which she draws inspiration for from both online and offline sources.  Balancing both her full time work and blog is an immense challenge for Sujata, but her blog is purely driven by her love for fashion and styling. Her blog is her get away zone where anything is possible and art and creativity is the her main focus.

Read her latest featured posts on third party avenues below:

Auckland Magazine : https://www.aucklandmagazine.com/single-post/2017/04/18/Autumn-In-Auckland


For enquiries please contact : singh.sujata2806@gmail.com





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