My Travel Companion- On the Go Mineral Powder

Packing can be a real struggle when travelling. There is always a limit on what you can take and you have to start making some tough decisions on which products that will have to miss out. I feel like every product that I use as my daily routine is “important” to me. Two of these products are foundation and sunscreen. When I was packing for my travels to Asia I knew that I had be strategic in which foundation to carry. I couldn’t have something that was too heavy on the skin due to the humidity in the countries that…

The Brilliance of AU Natural

  Changing your skin care range can be REALLY scary sometimes. Especially if you have sensitive and unpredictable skin. Luckily for me Bee Bio launched AU Natural which is a similar product range with equal values and a sustainable approach. The biggest thing for me was not to see a reaction in my skin when I swapped between the two products. AU Natural has worked its magic on me so well!  AU stands for “skinfood” where it focuses on skin health and not skin beauty, using active ingredients such as Manuka Honey and NZ Botanicals to restore and strengthen skin with a regular routine….