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Changing your skin care range can be REALLY scary sometimes. Especially if you have sensitive and unpredictable skin. Luckily for me Bee Bio launched AU Natural which is a similar product range with equal values and a sustainable approach. The biggest thing for me was not to see a reaction in my skin when I swapped between the two products. AU Natural has worked its magic on me so well!

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 AU stands for “skinfood” where it focuses on skin health and not skin beauty, using active ingredients such as Manuka Honey and NZ Botanicals to restore and strengthen skin with a regular routine. AU stands for “integrity” where the products are formulated with quality and natural ingredients with high concentrated levels of scientifically proven ingredients, such as 16+ Manuka Honey, Been Venom and Kiwi fruit extract. AU stands for “Sustainability”, by being on the forefront of an industry leading movement to remove plastic pollution. AU is achieving this by its three strong mottos #RefillNotLandfill; simply refill your containers when they run out rather than buying a new container each time; the bottles are made from aluminium bottles and topped up using compostable refills. All AU packaging material is either reusable, compostable or recyclable. #ChangeToday; helping reduce the 480 billion single used bottles being wasted every year. #LeaveItBetter; AU products are formulated from pure, natural, nourishing ingredients ethically sourced mostly from NZ, which is always replenished.



This gentle yet powerful cleanser removes make up and bacteria off your skin while the key ingredient, 16+ Manuka Honey, helps provide anti- bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Using this in the morning and evening at the beginning of your skincare routine will help provide a “clean” slate for the restoration of your skin.

Other key ingredients in this product are Pure Manuka Oil, Mandarin Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil and Shea Butter.


Use this after cleansing to remove any traces of cleanser or surface debris. The toner spray removes bacteria and infection from deep below the surface of the skin reducing pore size and hydrating your skin. There are concentrated levels of 16+ Manuka Honey and Vitamin C which helps slow down the formation of pigmentation and lighten skin. The toning lotion helps tighten skin and reduce redness, ageing spots and freckling.


A combination of Active 16+ Manuka honey and powerful antioxidants that help lift, tighten and smooth skin. The high quality ingredients used helps plump skin while maintaining the skin’s moisture balance. A small amount goes a long way with this serum as the silky creme spreads easily.


The deeply moisturizing treatment creme nourishes and and stimulates cell renewal overnight with the help Active 16+ Manuka Honey and bee venom. Bee venom supports skin cell regeneration and production of collagen and elastin, helping to lift, plump and tighten skin. Bee venom painlessly tricks the skin into thinking it has been stung which stimulates blood flow to the “affected” areas and in response producing more collagen and elastin.


Order your free 14 day trial kit once you subscribe. Give the trial size a go and if you don’t wish to continue, simple cancel your subscription. If its a Yes, then wait for your starter pack to arrive. After this, receive all your refills automatically every eight weeks. Talk about convenience!! You will never have the panic of your products running out and not having enough time to buy the replacement. AU Natural has literally thought of EVERYTHING, from skin health to sustainability to consumer convenience.

One of the biggest points for me is the packaging for products, it is travel friendly with its little tin packs . The product has some very high quality and active ingredients that has done wonders for my skin in terms of removing my acne scars and making my skin feel smooth. It has been such hard work for me to get my skin to actually feel smooth and AU Natural has all the ingredients in it that has helped me to achieve this just in a month with regular use.


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