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It is always fun to go shopping and pick out exactly what you want and need. But there comes a time when making these decisions are hard and frustrating. Either there are too many choices to choose from or you simply don’t know what you will need. I was lucky enough to get sent a “Welcome to Wellness” box from Bella Box with all the essential for winter.

Just in time for the chilly season, the Welcome to Wellness box pack 12 very important essentials to help us get through dry skin, low immune and whatever other sadness winter brings to our health. My box contained the following;

  • a full sized Kohle Smile Bundle – this is a coconut and charcoal toothpaste that detoxifies and whitens teeth-
  • full sized Bellabox Reusable Bamboo Travel Cup – this is just perfectly in time for us trying to change our plastic habits, you can take this bamboo cup into your local cafe to get your coffee rather than using the plastic cups
  • Mary Grace Bulgar Rose Otto Face Elixir – Full size lux essential oil crafted with Rose Otto Essentail Oil, Wheat Germ, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil and Rosehip. This is a vegan friendly formula and it’ll be super amazing for some one who suffers from sensitive skin, like myself.
  • Blue Dinosaur Passionfruit Super Bites – Super Bite that is packed with Vitamin C and a great fibre source. This is a vegan bite made from passionfruit and coconut
  • Global Nature Pure Natural Collagen Booster – Full size Vegan booster rich in silica promotes collagen production helping radiant skin, healthy hair and nails along with inner health.
  • Plunkett’s Vita E Pure Vitamin E Super Concentrated Oil – Full Size Vitamin E that is high potency with pure Vitamin E Oil and enriched with Rosehip Oil. This oil can be used on its own or mixed with your facial cream.
  • Sample sized Jurlique Sweet Violet & Grapefruit Mist – Floral and citrus fragrance hydrating mist. This can be used as a toner or as a make up setter
  • Sample sized Scentered Sleep Well Therapy Balm – This natural balm is infused with a blend of oriental floral lavendar and 14 different essential oils
  • Two x Megrhythum Steam Eye Mask – A Japanese self-heating technology that soothes the eye with warm steam.
  • Full Size Footcare By Maseur Ball of Foot Gel Cushion – Gel cushions that can be placed inside your shoe to get comfort in your heels
  • Remedy Drinks Switchel Blood Orange – Blend of apple cider vinegar and ginger delivers healthy benefits including regulating blood sugar levels and aiding in digestion and balancing PH levels
  • Tsuno Natural bamboo sampler pack – sustainable pads made of natural bamboo and corn fibre. Each box sold had 50% of profits donated to the brand’s partner charity “One Girl”

All of these essential goodies worth over $200 for $59.95 AUD/NZD from welcometowellness.bellaboxnz.com.

The box made me feel like it was Christmas already. I had someone choose amazing essential which I would probably never buy myself but items which are sometimes needed to keep you wellness in check but get neglected. This box is completely worth it if you enjoy being surprised or don;t want the hassle of doing the research yourself or going and purchasing items your self. Someone else has already done the hard work for you.

Ageless Skin- Starts Right Here

I feel like I am constantly in a battle with my skin.  Acne has definitely been something that I have been struggling with since I have been really young.

So for years now I have been using all different types of skin care to try and help my skin. A while back I wrote a blog post on a the VLCC skin care brand ( click here for the blog post). It was definitely the best thing that I was using at that point in time. It had everything; sunscreen + herbal ingredients that were great for my sensitive skin.

But for a few years I have been hearing about “Bee Venom” and how good it is for your skin. It eliminates signs of ageing and reduces the appearance of scars. Bee venom does this by “tricking” your body into thinking that it has been stung by a bee therefore your body increases bloody flow to your skin in order to “repair” it. This helps your skin to get plumped up again and wrinkles and scars reducing in appearance. It is definitely something that I was very keen to start trying in my early 20’s as this was my time to start thinking of preventions for an ageing skin. (Yes ladies, if we wanna look like we are 20 when we are in our 50’s; we had got to start our “anti-ageing” skin care when we are 20).


I came across BeeBio when I was going through duty free to Melbourne. I looked at this mask for a good thirty minutes and weighed up if it was good enough for my skin or not. This particular product from BeeBio is called “Active 16+ Manuka Honey & Bee Venom Venomous Masque” and is actually a face mask that I use as a moisturiser. Out of all their products, this had the most natural and beneficial ingredients for healing skin.

The percentage of bee venom in this mask is a lot lower a product that is primarily bee venom. The important ingredient in this is the 16+ Manuka Honey, which is another great healing agent for acne and skin ageing. There are also a lot of antioxidants in this mask that help with the whole process. When I was going to Melbourne, my skin was inflamed with acne, within five days of using this, the redness reduced and the “bumpiness” of my acne reduced. Its been about two months now since I have been using the mask and my skin is SUPER smooth and absolutely no redness.

How to apply:

  1. Apply your daily face sunscreen ( next blog on this soon)
  2. Take a small amount of the BeeBio Face Masque and apply a thin layer all over your face.
  3. Try and focus on the areas of concern and massage it in properly around there.

This can also be used as an actual mask (as suggested by the name). So apply a thicker layer on and leave it on for 20-30 minutes and rinse off.

Hope this post was as helpful.

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If there is an event coming up that you are hosting, it is always a nice idea to get creative with your decorations, and where possible get more hands on and create something yourself!. In this blog post I will be sharing a simple DIY trick with rice and food color to create a vibrant decoration.

Colored Rice :

  • 1 cup of rice for each color(the cheapest that you could find ; I found 1kg rice for $2 at Pak ‘n’ Save)
  • food coloring (which ever color you want your rice to be)
  • 1/2 tsp of white vinegar for each color
  • zip lock sandwich bags
  • a tray to dry your rice
  1. Add a few drops of food coloring to the vinegar and mix it together
  2. Place the cup of rice in the zip lock bag
  3. Add vinegar color mix to the rice
  4. Zip up the bag of rice and shake the bag until all the rice is colored
  5. Tip it out onto the tray and leave it overnight to dry

Ways to use colored rice for Deco:

Colored rice can be stuck onto cut pieces of shaped card board and used as centre pieces for tables. Or it can be used loose as table decorations or floor decorations. Here are some pictures of how I used my colored rice.

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This is a fun and easy task, you can always get kids involved in this as well. The best thing is that the rice doesn’t have to go to waste. You can always pack them away into separate ziplock bags and re-use them for another event!


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