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Travelling is such an exciting time, but sometimes packing for it may not be. The one thing I find the most difficult is packing my cleansers and face creams. Mostly, the packaging is not ideal for travelling, and I have to spend time trying to pack the products in a smaller container suitable for travelling. This really ends up being time consuming and messy!

AU Natural have come up with these smart looking travel kits which are literally a smaller version of your normal products in your bundle. These can also be used as sample packs as well. The best thing for me when I took this on my vacation was that I didn’t have to touch my home products so these were packed well before and I never forgot anything! The portions are really reasonable, depending on how you use them, you can use them for more than two weeks.



My Remover, Brightening Lotion, Day Creme and Night Creme took absolutely minimal space in my make up bag. You could even take them on your hand carry as they would fit your 100ml requirements.


Nothing beats a good Mud Mask

We tend to forget the importance of a proper facial routine for our beauty regime. Facials ensure the skin is deep cleansed providing a smooth surface for skin care products and make up. Some beauticians will recommend facials to be done every fortnight. Unfortunately time sometimes does not permit that. This is where I found Au Natural Rotorua White Mud, exfoliating masque with Active 16+ Manuka Honey really good as a home treatment. I have added this to my normal skin regime once a week in between my monthly facials and it has worked wonders on me! It works really well as spot treatment for acne as well.

I have used this mask quite religiously, especially when my acne was really bad. Anti helped to cool my skin down on the days when my acne was inflamed and even helped the appearance of the acne reduce.

IMG_0604.jpgThe balance mask contains minerals from Rotorua white mud, which helps to detoxifies skin and helps the regeneration of new skin cells. Active 16+ Honey has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti ageing properties that help heal your skin. Active 16+ honey also a humectant that attracts water within the skin, which improves skins moisture and texture. The mask also contains pure bee venom which is another magical ingredient that fights the signs of ageing. The sunflower seed oil is a great source of Vitamin E and is super rich in antioxidants and nutrients, helping skin to reduce redness, inflammation, acne and skin irritation.


How to apply

  • Apply an even layer on your skin after cleansing ( I use a brush to help me!)
  • Leave on for 20-30mins
  • Wash off once dry
  • Easy Peasy!!



AU Natural Eye Serum and Dr AU Anti Ageing Oil

I am continuously looking for ways to make the appearance of my skin better and better. I definitely feel like you can never have “too much glow”. AU Natural’s Super fruit Eye Serum and Anti Ageing Face Oil are the perfect addition to your morning and night routine to ensure you get that glow.


Eye Serum

A lot of us don’t really give eye serums an importance in our beauty regime and end up only focusing on other areas of our skin. One of the main causes of fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area is dehydration. A face moisturiser cannot be used as a substitute for an eye serum as it is too thick for the skin around the eye to absorb product, therefore a waste. Serums are a much high concentration but a thinner consistency so the soft skin around the eye can absorb this. Keeping the area around your eyes hydrated will mean your are fighting against fine lines, wrinkles and dark under eye spots.

AU Natural’s Super Fruit Eye Serum contains active ingredients such as, New Zealand Avocado Oil ( rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, Vitamins A, D & E, potassium and lecithin, which are primary skin feeding nutrients), 9 berry extracts (such as acai, bilberry, strawberry, black mulberry and many other berries that provide health for the skin) and Ribrose ( a sugar that occurs in all living cells accelerating cell energy recovery and overall function- helping fight towards ageing). These products sink into the dermal layer helping to plump skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


Anti Ageing Face Oil

Suffering from acne and an oily skin tone, the idea of a “face oil” always terrified me. I became under the false understanding that face oils clog pores and promote acne. Its actually on the contrary. A good face oil will help the hydration of your skin which in turn will stop your skin from producing excess oil to try and hydrate itself.

AU Natural’s Anti Ageing Face Oil contains Harakeke seed oil and Retinol which helps minimise the signs of ageing, plump skin, leaving back no oil residue and hydrating skin which then stops skin from producing extra sebum. Key ingredients in this product are New Zealand Harakeke seed oil which is pack with linoleum acid ( boosting skin’s barrier layer and helping to seal in natural moisture), the seeds are rich in Omega 3, Omega 6 and essential fatty acids that can regulate cell function. The second ingredient is Moringa Oil, which has antibacterial and moisturising properties which helps strengthen skin and help is protect again the environment and allergen substances. The final key ingredient is Lakesis, which is derived from resin produced in ancient trees in Greece, this increases the synthesis of to youth proteins and reactivates the detoxifying process of the skin. This product works in perfect harmony with the other AU Natural product range and can be used by the whole family, drops can even be used for removal of stretch marks.



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Deep Cleansing

Where does anti ageing and caring for your skin begin? Most of us invest in expensive creams, serums, gels and what not. But we forget about cleansing. Isn’t that where it all begins? Prepping our skin by getting rid of all the dirt, bacteria and oil that gets built up over the period of day or night time, is a basic but very important step. We need to ensure the products that we use for cleansing isn’t harsh or has too many chemicals as it will strip your skin of the “good” oil leaving it prone to inflammation, acne and dry skin.

I was fortunate enough to include three really amazing cleansing products from BeeBio into my daily and weekly skin prep regime.


  • 16+ Active Manuka Honey Facial Cleanser
  • Active 16+ Manuka Honey, Bee Venom, & Rotorua LAVA Mud Masque
  • Active Manuka Honey Skin Brightening Toner


Facial Cleanser

The key ingredients in this cleanser are 16+ Manuka Honey, Avocado oil, jojoba oil, mandarin oil, rosehip oil, shea butter. This cleanser is also 100% vegetarian. All these ingredients work together to clean your skin and leave it feeling balanced and hydrated. 16+ Manuka Honey is medical grade which provides anti-bacterial benefits. From my last post on the “Ageless Skin- Starts Right Here” we know how Manuka Honey helps heal acne, repair skin ( in turn help with anti-ageing) and hydrates skin. Mandarin and rosehip oil both contain properties for skin healing while avocado and shea butter contain essential fatty acids and antioxidants to reduce inflammation.

How I use it

  • Double cleansing- this is to ensure I get right into the pore the second time as the first time you cleanse you are just removing the oil and dirt from the top layer of skin
  • After using this for a month I have noted the redness of my skin reduce significantly.


Mud Mask

I made sure I incorporated this mud mask into my skin cleansing routine once a week at least. The results were amazing to say the least! The mud mask left my skin feeling fresh, smooth and glowing after each use. The mask helps get rid of blackheads and heat rashes around the face.

This mask is rich in minerals from the volcanic Rotorua White Mineral Mud with Active 16+ Manuka Honey, Pure Bee Venom and sunflower seed. Health benefits of minerals from volcanic mud is purification of skin and exfoliating properties that help heal damaged skin. As you would have read on from my last post on Ageless Skin- Starts Right Here, bee venom helps with the healing and anti-ageing. Sunflower oil is rich in minerals and anti-oxidants which again, helps with skin-inflammation and with acne prone skin


Use this mask as spot treatment for those stubborn acne that pops up. The acne will visibly disappear the next day.

Toner (or as I like to call it “The Golden Liquid”

Having added this Toner to my daily routine, I have seen so many benefits. My skin’s complexion is brighter and has got a glow to it. I have received so many compliments on how good my skin looks and I have to give most of the credit to this particular Toner.



Key ingredients in this bottle of gem are : Active 16+ Manuka Honey, helping restoration of skin, while a high concentrate of Vitamin C helps reduce the appearance of skin pigmentation.

How I use it

I apply the toner on my face and neck after cleansing every morning and every night before applying any other moisturiser.


I hope this post on skin cleansing routine has helped you think about the importance of using the correct products. Keep a look out on my blog for my next post on how to look after your skin whilst sleeping <3

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Ageless Skin- Starts Right Here

I feel like I am constantly in a battle with my skin.  Acne has definitely been something that I have been struggling with since I have been really young.

So for years now I have been using all different types of skin care to try and help my skin. A while back I wrote a blog post on a the VLCC skin care brand ( click here for the blog post). It was definitely the best thing that I was using at that point in time. It had everything; sunscreen + herbal ingredients that were great for my sensitive skin.

But for a few years I have been hearing about “Bee Venom” and how good it is for your skin. It eliminates signs of ageing and reduces the appearance of scars. Bee venom does this by “tricking” your body into thinking that it has been stung by a bee therefore your body increases bloody flow to your skin in order to “repair” it. This helps your skin to get plumped up again and wrinkles and scars reducing in appearance. It is definitely something that I was very keen to start trying in my early 20’s as this was my time to start thinking of preventions for an ageing skin. (Yes ladies, if we wanna look like we are 20 when we are in our 50’s; we had got to start our “anti-ageing” skin care when we are 20).


I came across BeeBio when I was going through duty free to Melbourne. I looked at this mask for a good thirty minutes and weighed up if it was good enough for my skin or not. This particular product from BeeBio is called “Active 16+ Manuka Honey & Bee Venom Venomous Masque” and is actually a face mask that I use as a moisturiser. Out of all their products, this had the most natural and beneficial ingredients for healing skin.

The percentage of bee venom in this mask is a lot lower a product that is primarily bee venom. The important ingredient in this is the 16+ Manuka Honey, which is another great healing agent for acne and skin ageing. There are also a lot of antioxidants in this mask that help with the whole process. When I was going to Melbourne, my skin was inflamed with acne, within five days of using this, the redness reduced and the “bumpiness” of my acne reduced. Its been about two months now since I have been using the mask and my skin is SUPER smooth and absolutely no redness.

How to apply:

  1. Apply your daily face sunscreen ( next blog on this soon)
  2. Take a small amount of the BeeBio Face Masque and apply a thin layer all over your face.
  3. Try and focus on the areas of concern and massage it in properly around there.

This can also be used as an actual mask (as suggested by the name). So apply a thicker layer on and leave it on for 20-30 minutes and rinse off.

Hope this post was as helpful.

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