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IMG_6086.jpgYou know those days when you have that perfect wavy hair and it makes life that much sweeter? Yes, I do too. And below I have compiled a short instruction how to achieve this very easy look!




The most important step for this look is to have “gritty” hair. You need some matter in your hair to actually make the waves stay in. I’ve got quite dry and silky hair so in order to get this look, I hadn’t washed my hair for four days ( gross, I know..). Some people like to spray their hair with hair spray prior to curling which helps your hair to get gritty as well.


Section your hair. I normally do a half up and half down so that I can work on both sides of my hair equally.


Grab about 1.5 to 2 inches worth of hair and clamp the area closest to the roots between the heated plates. ( If you aren’t using a ghd and have a straightener with controlled temperature, then 180 degrees would do the trick).

Twirl the whole hair straightener towards the back of your head once and then glide the hair straighter down the length of the strand. Have you ever curled a piece of ribbon with scissors? This works a lot similar to that where you don’t need to keep twirling the hair straightener, only one twirl at the beginning would do the job.

Once you are at the end of the strand, unclamp the hair straighter and you would see a soft wave/curl. Hair spray this straight away so that it holds it’s shape.


Repeat this step through out your whole head. Because this look is meant to be more “softer” I normally leave some strands straight and curl in between these. Or sometimes I start the twirl mid-strand so only the bottom of the hair is curled. It is completely up to you on how many curls you would like to get in.


My fringe is quite long at the moment, so rather than curling my whole fringe, I grab the strands between the plates and glide it down the fringe ( as how you would do when normally straightening your hair) but when reaching the bottom, turn the hair straightener towards the back of your head. What this would do is blend your fringe into the waves at the back of your head, rather than having really strong curls around your face.


After all my hair is curled, I normally give is another round of hair spray and then run my fingers through my hair and untangle some of the curls. This just adds extra volume to the hair.

These are 6 very easy steps to get the look. I can normally get this done in about 10 minutes with my long hair. The trick to this style is the condition of your hair when you are curling. Unfortunately, clean and silky hair won’t be able to hold the curls in at all and you will eventually find that you having to go over the same strand a few times to make it stay.  Having 3-4 days between washes for your hair is about the right condition for having curls to hold in. If your hair is quite greasy then you are best to make that judgement call on your own. This style definitely takes a few attempts to nail down; remember, practice makes perfect!

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