A Better Health Plan by Nib Insurance

Moving to New Zealand as a child has had me see the struggles of my parents to provide for our family. This is where I started to see the importance of having something concrete behind us in order to enjoy the simple things in life. Health insurance is something that is overlooked when families move to another country; it is often seen as an extra cost. My family saw otherwise, and that is how I have always learned to think ahead. This is a special blog post to me, as I will be talking about how nib Insurance has helped me to secure my family’s health for many years to come.


Many people in New Zealand do not have health insurance, and most of these people would be immigrants. Making the big move to another country and settling in takes a lot of time and energy, and in the process, we disregard the little things that go a long way. Health insurance is often seen an extra cost that is added to the financial struggles of families, whilst they are trying to build their lives in a foreign country. Being an immigrant myself, I have seen my parents working out what would benefit our family financially while building a life as I grew up. One thing that my parents always thought was important, was insurance, that too, health insurance.


Having health insurance gives us a big sense of financial comfort. The likelihood of someone getting into an accident or something terrible happening is not very high, but there is always a chance of these things happening. Moreover, we do not have to think too far ahead in terms of what we can provide a contingency plan for, even some general day-to-day health activities need to be covered for.


Nib Health Insurance offers insurance packages for private hospitals, travel, and even everyday health. nib covers things such as visits to GPs, getting new glasses and visits to chiropractor or physio. These are general health activities that do turn out to be quite heavy on the pocket should they occur suddenly. I used to work at an Optometrist as a student and eye care such as glasses, contacts and eye exams could add up to be quite hefty, but our clients who had health insurance could walk out without feeling as if a big hole was made in their bank account.


My family and their health is very important and nib Insurance has given a way to take away the worry away from me. The health packages offered have not been hefty on our pockets, as it has merely cost us a couple of cups of coffee per week, yet the benefits have outweighed the costs. Knowing that my family’s health is under the care of the right people, allows me to spend more time doing what I love most, with a peace of mind.
Thank you to nib for partnering with me and letting me tell my story! Visit www.nib.co.nz for more information.