How to – Soft beach waves

IMG_6086.jpgYou know those days when you have that perfect wavy hair and it makes life that much sweeter? Yes, I do too. And below I have compiled a short instruction how to achieve this very easy look!




The most important step for this look is to have “gritty” hair. You need some matter in your hair to actually make the waves stay in. I’ve got quite dry and silky hair so in order to get this look, I hadn’t washed my hair for four days ( gross, I know..). Some people like to spray their hair with hair spray prior to curling which helps your hair to get gritty as well.


Section your hair. I normally do a half up and half down so that I can work on both sides of my hair equally.


Grab about 1.5 to 2 inches worth of hair and clamp the area closest to the roots between the heated plates. ( If you aren’t using a ghd and have a straightener with controlled temperature, then 180 degrees would do the trick).

Twirl the whole hair straightener towards the back of your head once and then glide the hair straighter down the length of the strand. Have you ever curled a piece of ribbon with scissors? This works a lot similar to that where you don’t need to keep twirling the hair straightener, only one twirl at the beginning would do the job.

Once you are at the end of the strand, unclamp the hair straighter and you would see a soft wave/curl. Hair spray this straight away so that it holds it’s shape.


Repeat this step through out your whole head. Because this look is meant to be more “softer” I normally leave some strands straight and curl in between these. Or sometimes I start the twirl mid-strand so only the bottom of the hair is curled. It is completely up to you on how many curls you would like to get in.


My fringe is quite long at the moment, so rather than curling my whole fringe, I grab the strands between the plates and glide it down the fringe ( as how you would do when normally straightening your hair) but when reaching the bottom, turn the hair straightener towards the back of your head. What this would do is blend your fringe into the waves at the back of your head, rather than having really strong curls around your face.


After all my hair is curled, I normally give is another round of hair spray and then run my fingers through my hair and untangle some of the curls. This just adds extra volume to the hair.

These are 6 very easy steps to get the look. I can normally get this done in about 10 minutes with my long hair. The trick to this style is the condition of your hair when you are curling. Unfortunately, clean and silky hair won’t be able to hold the curls in at all and you will eventually find that you having to go over the same strand a few times to make it stay.  Having 3-4 days between washes for your hair is about the right condition for having curls to hold in. If your hair is quite greasy then you are best to make that judgement call on your own. This style definitely takes a few attempts to nail down; remember, practice makes perfect!

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Daily Skin Care Routine.

Hey guys!

A proper daily beauty routine is quite essential to getting your skin ready for a busy day. So in this blog post I will be talking about some of the products that I include in my daily skin care routine.

Having problematic skin, I have to be really careful with what I actually put on my face. It can’t be too oily and cannot have intense chemicals. Suns screen HAS to be part of your skin care routine, especially as you get older. A lot of pigmentation is caused by sun damage and sun can also accelerate skin ageing. My skin is super sensitive so I tried to opt for something that has more of a “herbal” basis rather than lots and lots of harmful chemicals. I came across an Indian brand which was stocked up at my local beauty salon “Sisters”. The brand is called “VLCC Natural Sciences”. As the name suggests, this brand claims to use natural and herbal remedies in their skin care products therefore with less side effects. At first it was very hard to believe, so I only went with their eye care- now I have their whole collection of skin care products and I will talk you through each product below <3

Eye Care:



A lot of us forget about looking after our under eye area or the corners of our eyes, but these areas are the areas that normally get the most affected due to stress and age. Try to include an under eye cream in your skin routine daily to reduce the chances of getting wrinkles around your eyes or dark circles under your eyes. There are lots of options out there from serums to creams and prices range equivalently. If you are still young and don’t have bad dark circles or wrinkles then you can get away with using an average priced under eye cream but if the dark circles are quite prominent then professional advice could be useful.

I use “Almond Under eye cream” from VLCC. I don’t really have dark under eye circles but when I started to notice signs of it about a year ago, I got this cream to try it out and so far it has worked wonders. The mixture isn’t oily and gets absorbed into the skin quite instantly. I like to put it around my eyes, nose and lips ( to help reduce the signs of wrinkles).

Almond contains fatty acids that helps nourish skin and hydrate it which gets rids of puffiness around the area. Almond also has a natural bleaching agent which helps get rid of pigmentation. The mixture also contains Wheat Germ. Wheat Germ is heavy in Vitamin E, has antioxidant properties, has polyunsaturated fatty acids which help with the signs of ageing. You will start to see the difference within two months of using the product. I would recommend using the product morning and night for best results.

Day Cream:


After using the VLCC eye cream and being heavily satisfied with it, I decided to try out the face cream range from VLCC. They have two ranges ; “De-pigmentation” and “Skin Whitening”. Having a lot of pigmentation due to acne scars, I decided to go for the “De-pigmentation” range. A good thing about this day cream is that it comes with SPH 25, so you are getting protection from the sun within your normal day cream.

The texture of this cream is quite similar to the eye cream- non greasy and fast absorbent. I can usually put my foundation on straight after putting the cream on. Main ingredients in the day cream is Mulberry and Turmeric. Mulberry extract contains potent antioxidants that fight signs of skin ageing as it repairs skin radicals. I have talked about the benefits of turmeric with acne in my earlier posts, it contains anti bacterial and antiseptic properties which are quite beneficial for skin health.

Since I have started using this, within one year my scars have definitely lightened and I haven’t had any further acne problems (and I am off my acne pills YAY!). The only thing with this cream being of a herbal base is that as time goes, the cream will get a yellow hue but that is only due to the natural extracts used. Depending on how dark the pigmentation is, or how dark your acne scars are, it would take a while for the results to show; I saw proper results after continuous use for one year.

Night Cream:


Our skin repairs it self the most during night time while we are asleep. So it is the best time to give our skin the ingredients it needs to boost it’s process of repairing. From the VLCC “De-Pigmentation” range, the night cream with Sandalwood and Aloe Vera works a charm. Sandalwood (along with turmeric) is an old Indian remedy favourite for skin care, ask any Indian lady for home remedies and these two will be the staple ingredients. Sandalwood has amazing properties such as anti-inflammatory agent which boosts the circulation of blood in the skin (helping skin repair it self over night). Aloe Vera contains beta carotene, Vitamin C and E that help skin start hydrated and firm.

The cream texture is nice and cooling. Once applied your skin feels supple and hydrated. Like its sister products, this is non-greasy and fast absorbing.

It is quite difficult to find a range that really works well with sensitive and oily skin. But VLCC is definitely a brand that I have tried, tested and it has given me some really good results. In terms of finding this brand, I only know of “Sisters” beauty parlour in New Lynn Mall that stocks this, though I am sure you can order these online as well 🙂

Hope my little routine gives you ladies some ideas on skin care or what to use next <3




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