99 Nails

The best I did for my nails was put my trust in 99 Nails. Six months ago, I went to Courtney with short and weak nails and under the impression that gels manicure were the reason why my nails were breaking so often. But after about two sessions with 99 Nails I could see my nails were strengthening and gel manicure actually provided a protective layer over the nails, helping them to grow.

Nail Care


In order to help your nails grow, after care is required. Your nail technician should run through this with when you get your nails done. Courtney at 99 Nails is very onto it and even gives out After Care cards with all the information on after care.  I was a nightmare with peeling the gel polish off myself, this removes the top layer of your nail as well which in turn makes them thinner and weaker. Gel polish needs to be removed properly by a nail technician. Once I took this on board it took about three sets of manicures to get my nails to grow longer and stronger.

You will find professional service at 99 Nails where Courtney understands about how to look after your nails, the dos and the don’t and is truely passionate about nails. This shows on her nails and how she provides her services. The minute you walk in, both Courtney and you will wash your hands and they will be sanitised. When this happens, you understand how important hygiene is for 99 Nails. Each process is done carefully and particularly to perfection.





99 Nails can come up with amazing nail art and designs for you or can be inspired by any picture that you take in. Over the course of six months I’ve had some really amazing designs, both of which either Courtney came up with or helped me to create with what I wanted in mind. Courtney is absolutely patient, I’ve even asked her to remove a whole set of nails after they were done and she re-did them because my satisfaction meant that much to her.



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