Three easy but sassy looks for Valentines

With Valentines Day just a week away, I thought I would put together my 3 looks for your Valentine’s date <3


Floral, Lace and Sass

Cape : Mirrou
Shoes : Novo
Handbag: Farmers





This is my fave look out of the three, so for obvious reasons, I will talk about it first  😛

Floral and Lace <3 . The best two combinations that a girl can put together on an outfit; they practically complete each other! And what better way to woo your Valentine in one of your best floral number.

This is the floral look in particular that I chose to put together for the post. If you read waaaaaayy back to a blog post I made about a year ago, I LOVE capes! I think capes add a very glamorous touch to any simple outfit. Throw on a nice floral cape with lace hemming on a nude coloured dress and you have yourself a very flirty Valentine’s lunch outfit!

  • Hair
    • Pull your hair up in a low messy bun; pull some loose strands around your face to soften the look. This will take away from the bagginess of the cape and outfit.
  • Makeup
    • This being a day time outfit, it is nicer to compliment the lighter shades of the outfit with just Foundation, Concealer and Bronzer. Give yourself  winged eyes and smack on some “Cheerleader” HUDA Liquid Matte Gloss and you are good to go!
    • ( If you read my latest travel post to Sydney, you will see how CRAZY I went with shopping for make up and the “HUDA beauty liquid matte glosses” is my new fav thing! I will be making a post on how much I love them very soon! If you haven’t had a chance to read my blog post, here is the link => A Shopper’s guide to three days in Sydney)
  • Fragrance
    • Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream will add the finishing touch to your floral get up <3



A Sweet and Simple Look

Skirt : Glassons
Cardigan : Forever New


Nothing can beat a simple black and white duo. Grab a white tank top, tuck it in a black pencil midi length skirt and pair it with a grey cardigan. This look can’t be limited to one time of the day. You can rock this for an early morning breakfast date, a luncheon or even at the dinner table <3

  • Hair
    • A side bohemian braid on straight hair will do the perfect trick to add a little glam to your black and white combo
  • Makeup
    • Switch up the “Cheerleader HUDA liquid matte gloss” with something a little bold; having a simple outfit allows you to get away with some dark lips
      • Step 1 : Line and fill in your lips with “HUDA lip contour – Famous”
      • Step 2 : Go over with “HUDA liquid matte – Material Girl”
  • Fragrance
    • Marc Jacobs Decadence has an amazing spicy floral smell to it <3



Rock your Playsuit

Playsuit : Dotti
Blazer : Chiffon Boutique


Playsuits are great; it gives you the feel of wearing a dress, but without the fear of them flying up in the wind ;p

Pair floral or colourful playsuit up with a black blazer, and you will be looking fashionably classy at your dinner date.

  • Hair
    • Having your hair out will take away from the staunclook of the blazer- your choice if you would like it straight or in waves
  • Makeup
    • Being a night time look, you can go heavy on your contouring by using a cream contour palette ( in this case I used my new fav ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS contour palette) underneath a powder bronzer.
    • I went back to using “Cheerleader HUDA liquid matte” for softer lip colour
  • Fragrance
    • I usually save my Ted Baker Langley perfume for my special nights out. It has a very strong spicy musk smell that I absolutely love which can be a bit heavy for day time wear.


Well there you have it! My three favourite looks for Valentines 2017. I hope these spark some great ideas for your dates!

Please let me know what you thought of the outfit ideas and what ideas of your own you have come up with!

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